About Simmons

Pumps are our business. People are our passion.


In 1953 Clarence Simmons, the owner of a small machine shop in West Texas partnered with Raymond Pickering. Both Clarence and Raymond were well versed in the machining industry and saw the demand and need for water well pumps in this region of the country due to the large agricultural presence and lack of yearly rainfall. This is what led to the inception of Simmons Pump & Machine Company. The goal of this newly formed company was to produce the highest quality pumps offered in the industry, and then back them with superior customer service. By committing to these goals, Simmons was able to set a standard for quality with the industry which stands to this day, 66 years later.

At Simmons Pump & Supply, we aim to not only uphold this high standard of quality and customer service, but also excel in each of these principles while taking them to the next level. We achieve this by keeping our customers as our most valued asset and offering our industry leading products. 

Our Mission

At Simmons Pump & Supply, we offer the highest quality pump systems and water well supplies at a fair and honest price. This is made possible by fostering a relationship with our contractors and vendors based on trust, integrity, and accountability. We seek to provide industry-leading expertise that enables us to meet and exceed a contractor’s expectations and demands. 

Our state-of-the-art facility and test labs allow us to ensure our pumps are not only built to the highest specifications but will perform as promised for our contractors and their respective customers for years. When paired with our exceptional customer service, inventory availability, and vendor support, we strive to ensure quality and consistency in everything we do.

We’ve paired the company you know and love with uncompromising customer service. Our diversified vendor support gives us the ability to stay ahead of the curve and allows us to provide the quality assurance to fulfill all your pump and water supply needs. 

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